Batting .500: Stir-Fried Mushrooms with Tomatoes and Onions

*Or, “a live commentary on how I got taken down by a very simple Indian recipe”

I am a huge fan of Indian food. The flavors are intense but nuanced, no one spice stands out…when made by someone who knows what they are doing. If you happen to have, oh I don’t know, me doing the cooking, the results are more mixed. I’ve had some luck in the past though, and I found this recipe in one of my Trusty Roommate Chad’s Indian cookbooks.

So with this recipe, we’re looking to use the mushrooms and the fresh tomato from The Box of Wonders.

We’ll also be using:

A red onion

Dried red peppers

A jalapeno

Cumin seeds, cayenne pepper, and a bunch-A BUNCH-of ground coriander

Ginger (shredded)

Garlic (minced)

“Tomato Sauce” (more on that later)

I’ve been doing some reading. When preparing Indian food, you generally start off by frying spices. “Classic Indian Cooking” by Julie Sahni (Which could easily be titled, “The Joy of (Indian) Cooking”. It is accessible yet encyclopedic. Fantastic.) points out that you do this both to change the flavor of the spices as they brown, and to add their flavors to the oil.  So we’ll do things in the order the recipe I found (in another cookbook) says to.

My sous chef for the evening

My sous chef for the evening

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