Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Kale Soup)

Ever wonder what the national soup of Portugal is? Me neither. But since we’re on the subject, the national soup of Portugal is Caldo Verde. You’re welcome for any future trivia victories.

This soup is part of the continuing effort to use the kale that keeps showing up in the Box of Wonders. Not every week, but many weeks. It’s not that it can’t get worked into various recipes, it’s just that I get so much of it, and a little of it goes so far, and well, we are looking for full-on, kale-based meals.

And really, I am measuring success in the whole CSA venture by how many actual meals I can get out of a box and how close I can come to living on the contents of the box. So we’re trying to stay away from random side dishes and confections that don’t really contribute to getting me through the week standing up. This game, by the way, has definitely health-ified my diet, which didn’t suck in the first place. It’s just that when you are really trying to use everything before the next Box of Wonders shows up, but you also want to order a pizza, you have a short internal debate that goes like this:

“Ooh, I want to order a pizza. With sausage and mushroom and onion.”

“Yes a pizza would be lovely, but then who’s gonna eat all this kale?”

“Touché.  Kale it is.” Continue reading