Yet another kale soup

*Or: “A study in kale, punctuated by a soup”

I haven’t just gotten kale. I’ve gotten mustard greens, collard greens, several kinds of chard, dandelion greens (wow, was that a fiasco), red cabbage, green cabbage, boston red lettuce, loose leaf lettuce…okay let’s just say “many lettuces”. Lettuci. No I think the plural is probably lettuces. But the kale does keep popping up. And I am learning that it has as many varieties as any other fruit or vegetable, if not more. Here I thought there was just the one kind, namely, the pretty curly kind pictured below. Boy, was I wrong. It’s sort of like if you thought the only type of apple was a granny smith. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And the kind of variety you see in apples is actually a decent analogy for kale: big, small, soft, crisp, tart, bland, many many colors, you get the idea. But do you? I think you need to see it to understand. So before we get to the soup, here are most of the kinds I have encountered so far.

Curly kale

Curly kale

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