Fennel Salad

I got fennel this week. Okay that’s a lie. I actually got it two weeks ago and it took me this whole time to work up to using it.

foeniculum vulgare.

foeniculum vulgare. It sounds like a spell.

I have never liked anise, licorice, ouzo, even Italian sausage took some getting used to (I got over that one eventually. I mean come on, it’s sausage.) In case you were wondering, fennel and anise are not the same thing. they are different plants, but fennel is always said to be anise-flavored. Nobody ever says anise tastes like fennel. Zero respect for the fennel. Anyway, here I was with this fennel. I was so close to throwing it out. Within a whisker. But damn it, the whole point of this venture is to work outside the box, stretch my horizons, etc., so I decided to give it a shot. Because of the aforementioned distaste for, well, the taste, I have very limited knowledge of the possibilities here. I had fish baked with fennel once, and they seem to include it in a lot of the dishes served in the Game Of Thrones books, and there is the Italian sausage thing, though that’s just fennel seed. Not that I was planning on making sausage, I’m just laying out the facts as I knew them. Continue reading