A Word on Cilantro

*Or, “I Hate Cilantro”

Hold on while I get my soapbox out of the pantry and drag it to the middle of my kitchen. Okay, all set: I hate cilantro. I’m one of those people. You either love it or you hate it; there is no halfway. The divide is so stark that there have been studies done to see if there is a genetic root of the preference. People who hate it very often say it tastes like soap. Or dirt. Or old gym socks. I don’t think cilantro tastes like any of those things. It has a fresh, herby taste. A terrible fresh herby taste that destroys everything it comes into contact with. It is the Rogue X-(wo)Man of the culinary world, killing everything it touches. When I am tucking into a nice Indian dish and taste a hint of cilantro, I actually get a little choked up as I realize my curry has been tainted. The choking is both figurative as I instantly grieve for my prospective meal, and literal as my throat actually tries to reject the cilantro taste. Continue reading