Jalapeño-cheddar Corn Bread

I got four jalapenos in the Box of Wonders the other week. Jalapenos are generally not difficult to dispatch, but four was a little overwhelming. I put them up for grabs. Shae used one for a chicken-onion-tomato-bell pepper concoction that was quite tasty. I know because it made a lot so I volunteered to have some for dinner to help out. Chad used one for a Korean marinated steak dish called bulgogi that turned out great. I know because I stole some off of his plate when he went to get a drink. Stealing is bad, kids. Stay in school.

So I had two peppers left, which seemed a bit more manageable. I could certainly have thrown them in a stir-fry, or even diced them on top of a salad, but I had recently noticed that the jerk ex-roommate who took the lid to my skillet with her when she moved out happened to leave a whole container of cornmeal behind. Not an even trade, mind you, but I’m not getting the lid back so I’ll go ahead and use the corn meal.

Anyway, obviously, corn meal plus jalapenos equals jalapeno-cheddar cornbread! I’ve always wondered how cornbread from scratch tastes, and keeping with the spirit of this whole CSA endeavor, decided it was time to find out. Continue reading