Week One: The First Box of Wonders

And, we’re off. This is my first box:


I picked it up at my designated location (a bakery) and obeyed the sign telling me not to open it in the shop. They say this is so the shop doesn’t get overcrowded, but I think it is also so the people working at selling baked goods don’t have to deal with me the first time I find a rutabaga in my box and try to get them to take it back. Or possibly exchange The Dreaded Rutabaga for a nice loaf of sea salt and rosemary focaccia bread. Either way they’d rather I am at home when I open the box. So here is what I got this week:

  1. A pound of red potatoes
  2. Two delicata squashes
  3. A pound of mushrooms
  4. A big ol’ bunch of kale
  5. A red cabbage
  6. A whole mess of basil, interestingly enough
  7. A head of green leaf lettuce
  8. Three apples
  9. A surprisingly nice tomato
  10. Two satsuma oranges

I also have a sugar pumpkin sitting around that I’d like to use.

Here’s how it played out:

The potatoes and about half the kale went into Sausage and Kale Soup.

The rest of the kale got sautéed with garlic and topped with parmesan and slow-roasted tomatoes.

The delicatas got roasted two ways.

The mushrooms and the tomato went into a remarkably ill-fated Indian stir fry venture.

The basil went into a stir fry with the pumpkin.

The apples went on top of yogurt with a bunch of cinnamon for breakfast.

The lettuce and the oranges were salad materials! So was the red cabbage, frankly. I have ways to use it, but, well, I was all out of ambition for the week and I have been using it in salads too. Sue me.


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